Total First Aid is a family owned company dedicated to empowering our clients with lifesaving critical skills using a curriculum that anyone can learn.

Our company was founded with the mission to share our over 20 plus years of experience in the field of emergency medicine. We have taken our lifetime of real world experience to create a program designed and tailored to your specific needs while adhering to the highest medical standards.

We have set a standard of excellence and transparency for our company. Throughout our program you will find our instructors engaging, fun and inviting, allowing for an environment conducive to learning. We offer up front pricing at competitive rates. We realize that every client is different, no matter the setting or the size, each of our classes are tailored to your organizations requirements. We are here for you.
Local CPR Class

We stand by our students

While CPR is a critical lifesaving skill, it is also a perishable skill. If you are certified through our company you may, at any time before your certification expires, come to any established general class if there is room available for free in order to practice your skills.

Local CPR Class


Community involvement is very important to us. We give price breaks to community based organizations including but not limited to Military, Fire service, Police, and religious organizations.

Customer Loyalty

If you are a returning client, you will be given a 10% discount. (not be combined with other discount or promotions that may be running)

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